Les Campbell
Husband, Father, and Creative Director

A Little About Me

I currently work for Kentucky Interactive which is a smaller branch from NICUSA as a Creative Director. All of our projects are ASP.Net, but my personal preference is working with WordPress and PHP. When I am not building websites, I am serving my county in the Kentucky Air National Guard.

People & Projects That I Follow

Jeffrey Zeldman – http://www.zeldman.com/

Derek Featherstone – http://simplyaccessible.com/

Rachel Andrew – https://rachelandrew.co.uk/

Eric Meyer – http://meyerweb.com/

18F U.S. Web Design Standards – https://standards.usa.gov/

Luke Wroblewski – http://www.lukew.com/

Josh Clark – https://bigmedium.com/

Brad Frost – http://bradfrost.com

Scott Weber – Accessible Color Palette Builder