Les Campbell
Husband, Father, and Creative Director

Mid Carolina Media

I did this one page site with a friend (Austin Shafner – Video Guy Extraordinaire) one night while sitting in my garage on a make shift desk made out of 2 old saw horses, and an old bathroom door. Mid Carolina Media had a social media presence, but their actual web site needed some love. At the time, Austin was working as the Lead Camera Guy (official title… I think), and he needed this site to be great so he could share it on his resume. Within a couple of hours we came up with a decent final project.

I built this site in WordPress, and at the beginning I thought it would have been easiest to download a template to give us head start. That turned out to take way more time than it actually needed to, and if I had it all over to do again I would hand roll it all.

I have no idea if Mid Carolina Media is even a thing anymore, but the site is still up and it’s worth sharing!


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