Les Campbell
Husband, Father, and Creative Director

Stop Overdoses

This project spun off an after meeting discussion. You know, the meeting after the meeting. I was asked if I could help with an initiative to promote Naloxone, and the agency didn’t have any money to pay us. I asked my boss if we help, and he agreed that it was a good use of our time. There was a big need to get the message out about what Naloxone is, and more specifically, where people can get it.

The locations page is the bread and butter of the site. Here are a few things that I think make this page stand out above the rest.

  • The form allows the user to search by County, City or Zip. I didn’t want to assume the user knew their County name or their Zip. I also didn’t want to make the form a mile long. Therefore, I spent some extra time and made the search field accept all three (You tell me how you what to search, and I will take care of the rest). I also thought that if someone is searching for Naloxone, then there current life situation probably wasn’t the best. I took the key users emotion into consideration and I need to make this as easy as possible. Even if that meant more work for myself. To learn more about designing for Emotion, check out Eric Meyer and his book.
  • When the user searches, the search string is added to the URL. Therefore, if they search for 40601, the URL will update and the search will show only results within that Zip. The good part is, the URL can be copied and pasted with that same search string and the same results will come back!
  • No map at mobile. This was a tough choice b/c we all like maps, but maps at mobile with 100’s of locations are a pain. The User Experience on the site would have been worse if had a map at mobile. So, we hide it, but we always displayed a listing.
  • There is always a listing (<ul>) of the results on the page just below the form. Maps are great, but they aren’t perfect for everyone. To meet the highest ADA requirements I needed to display the results in an accessible way.

Overall I am super excited with the outcome of this site! I’ve spent 10 years in the Air Force as a Reservist and Guardman,. During that period of time I’ve never saved someone’s life and I’ve never rescued a kitten from a burning building. However, I have created an easy to use website that makes it simple for anyone to find Naloxone, and that just might save a life.

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